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Some kidney stones can't pass on their own because of their large size, they cause bleeding, kidney damage or ongoing urinary tract infections. Ok Lifecare has a herbal solution for stones named Calculi Free. It is a combination of various herbs which helps to remove stones in kidneys and urinary bladder. It interferes with the different stages
of stone formation, reduces crystal aggregation, modifies their structure and composition. It helps to promote general urinary tract health by eliminating dysuria (painful urination or blood present in urine) and crystalluria. If stone size is more than 8mm and number of stones are more then start with Calculi Flush and finish with Calculi Free. Give best results if taken with Panch Tulsi, Gokhru.

Key Benefits :

•  It will expels the stones from your body and provides symptomatic relief. 

•  It will prevents your kidney from precipitation of stone in it and also clear the urination blockage.

•  It's antimicrobial properties help to fight against bladder infections and other urinary tract infections.

•  It neutralizes the acid in your urine and also helps to detoxify your kidneys, which stops the infection from spreading.

•  It rejuvenate your kidney and enhances the healing process and immunity. 

Dosage : 2 Capsules in the morning before meal or as directed by the Health Practitioner.

Presentation : 18 Capsules