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Noni is a tropical fruit (Morinda citrifolia) which exhibits a remarkably high therapeutic and safety profile that makes it popular as a health enhancer and food supplement worldwide. Ok Lifecare Noni natural fruit juice is made up of fresh and healthy noni fruits. It contains xeronine, which is vital for proper functioning of all the body cells and allows the protein in our body to perform different functions properly. It contains a number of essential vitamins and minerals that helps in strengthening the immune system and enhance overall well being.

Key benefits:

  1.  It detoxifies the body and strengthens the immunity system.
  2.  It improves cardiovascular health and helps to regulate the blood pressure.
  3.  It has antioxidant effect which reduces the damage caused to cells due to oxidative stress.
  4.   It improves functioning of liver.
  5.  It accelerates the wound healing process.
  6.  It relieves pain and fatigue.
  7.  It enhances physical performance of the body.

Dosage :  10-15 ml and dilute with water (1-2 times), empty stomach.