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Ok Lifecare Prohealth is an Ayurvedic supplement powder designed to rejuvenate entire health by enhancing strength and stamina.  With the growing age and daily stress, bodily functions begin to slow down and malfunction, Prohealth possess such powerful herbs which maintain supplementation and enhance body’s process to produce higher energy to keep a person free from stress, lethargy, fatigue and stay high on stamina. It possess wonderful herbs which suppress conditions like hypertension, hormonal problems and enhance muscle mass, muscular endurance, improves immunity, mental alertness and maintain healthy senses to improve a person’s quality of life.

Key benefits:

  1.  It contains rich sources of wide range of nutrients and fill-in nutritional gaps and removes deficiencies.
  2. It acts as a health tonic and offers great nourishment and is also a strength promoter.
  3. It is effective in seasonal allergies as it enhances the immune power.
  4. It increases vitality, vigour and stamina.
  5. It improves appetite, digestion and assimilation.
  6. It provides strength to the heart and heart muscles. Also improves blood circulation & helps in detoxification of blood.

Dosage : 10 gm with warm milk or water after meal or as suggested by Health expert.